About us

In 1985, Robert Ayerle dreamed of giving a new dimension to the field of construction management and real estate investment and brought Parec Properties Inc. into existence. Penn American Real Estate Company was subsequently formed as a Pennsylvania brokerage company to serve the area’s sales, leasing and management needs. Since then, we have set ourselves apart from others by executing beneficial deals and operating with entrepreneurial ambition. We are destined to provide solutions to overcome the challenges faced by the demands of real estate ownership, the need of tenants and providing a rewarding return on investment.

What makes us unique:

• Our real estate agents have access to the most current systems and databases.
• We have the entrepreneurial ability to assist you at your terms.
• We understand the long-term value of every transaction, big or small.
Whether you’re a buyer, seller, owner, tenant, or real estate professional, we deliver a level of awareness, trust and confidence that sets us apart.