Asset & Property Management

Here at Penn American, we identify the precise measures that allow us to manage your property at a higher standard and maximize your asset values. Our Asset & Property Management programs include:


    • Acquisition and Disposition

The act of purchasing a property can be difficult and tiresome; Penn American manages the work flow for its clients and ensures that the process is completed according to the clients’ requirements.


  • Capital Allocation and Deployment

Managing resources is a major milestone in a process cycle; Penn American guides you in dividing your financial and other capital resources to various processes, people and projects which are under development.


  • Financial Reporting, Budgeting, Forecasting and Modeling

At Penn American, we use tools and techniques to devise the best suited financial plan for your project. We plan your levels of expenditures for a precise fiscal year and keep you updated about the performance of your project.


    • Property and Project Management

At Penn American, we help you manage your private and commercial properties, equipment and other capital assets. We have the practices, systems and manpower that are essential to administer the lifecycle of all acquired property. We strive to exceed our clients’ requirements and expectations while working on delivering a functionally and financially sustainable project.


Penn American helps you find exclusive offers for the kind of property you are looking for. We believe in maintaining long-term relationships with our clients. Our quality and service are the key factors behind our success and our tenants’ long-term growth and productivity. We deliver a state-of-the-art office environment that enhances not only your employee’s, but also your client’s experience.